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★ Product Features :

Liquid Laundry Detergent
This product is made by a highly-concentrated formula with strong detergency, swift in decomposing various stains, dirt and penetrating deeper fiber layers, strong detergent property in cleaning hidden dirt, it also has a practical antibacterial effect and is environmentally healthy. Besides, it does not contain any harmful chemicals like phosphorus and boron and is environmentally-friendly. It carries a cleaning and protective role in clothes and skin and is suitable for washing children’s clothing, protecting their tender skin from allergy. Zin suffixion, it is soluble in water and has low viscosity.  


Antibacterial and smoothening formula 

Esreda has the active formula in preventing the growth of germ, and it brings comprehensive care the clothing to avoid unpleasant odor and keep it regularly hygienic. This laundry detergent is composed partly of softeners formula to make the dress more soft and smoother, lessens its wrinkles and more comfortable to be ironed. 


Application and quantity  

Able to apply on any washable fabrics, including child clothing and baby napkin, bedding, home famishing fabrics and so on.  Able to implement on any washing by the laundry machine and by hand.  


★How to use:

Washing by the laundry machine: 2.5 KG clothing is suggested to use about 10 CC, 5KG attire is recommended to use about 20CC, 7.5 KG clothing is advised to use about 30CC.  


Washing by hand: Depending on different needs, add suitable liquid detergent and rinse with water.  


After dissolving the liquid detergent in water, place in clothing. To achieve the best result, it is recommended to soak the garment first before washing.  


If the dress is filthy, liquid detergent should be added in proportion or use warm water to wash it. For apparel that is partly dirty, it is suggested to apply the liquid detergent onto the dirty part directly and clean it first. Then wipe it again in a regular way.  


The product is highly-concentrated, if there is still some powder left after rinsing for three times, this indicates that the quantity used is in excess. To avoid any wastage, the amount used should be reduced for the next time.



(In fact that this product is highly-concentrated, therefore if the clothing is easily discolored, it is suggested to apply the liquid detergent onto it, keep it for a while and then wash it. If the garment does not fade out of color, the original liquid can be applied onto the dirty part for pre-wash.)

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